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The Power of SSH Tunnel

SSH is known for its secure shell protocol, from wikipedia.org its explain that :

Secure Shell or SSH is a protocol that allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel between two computers. Encryption provides confidentiality and integrity of data. SSH uses public-key cryptography to authenticate the remote computer and allow the remote computer to authenticate the user, if necessary.
SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands, but it also supports tunneling, forwarding arbitrary TCP ports and X11 connections; it can transfer files using the associated SFTP or SCP protocols.

now, in this posting i’ll describe some usage from ssh client for tunnelling:

  • X11 Display forwarding
  • This type tunnel can be done with this additional command line:
    ssh -l wafa@myserver -X
  • This methode explain that, all my display will exported to my local X Server, with note that you have install your local XServer (for windows you can install XWin32 or eXceed or another XServer for win32, but for /unix this is preinstalled package when u install desktop environment)
  • Local Port forwarding
    • This type tunnel can be done with this additional command line :
      -L [bind ip address:]localport:remote ip address:remoteportexample:

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